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T2940121 Eufy G10/G30 Disposable Mop Cloth

T2940121 Eufy G10/G30 Disposable Mop Cloth


High Quality:

Authentic part manufactured by eufy. eufy can only guarantee the quality and performance of authentic parts. Accessories and replacement parts manufactured by 3rd parties may have a negative impact on product performance or cause damage to your RoboVac. Use of 3rd party replacement parts could void your RoboVac's warranty.

  • Maintain peak cleaning performance from your RoboVac.
  • Includes 2 replacement washable mopping clothes.
  • Easy to install. No tools required.
  • Genuine eufy RoboVac accessory.
  • Compatible with RoboVac G10 Hybrid,G30 Hybrid.
وحدة SKU: 194644144319
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