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Choetech  2 in 1 magsafe wireless adapter Charger

Choetech 2 in 1 magsafe wireless adapter Charger


Aluminum Alloy 2 In 1 Magnetic Wireless Charger

This magnetic wireless charging station supports charging for Qi-enabled smartphones and Airpods/Airpods pro/Samsung buds without connecting any extra cables.

Convenient & Reliable Magsafe Charging Stand

A secure connection of the magnetic iphone charger holder keeps your iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro safely in place, even when your group text has it buzzing nonstop.

Space Saving 

The bold, modern design fits perfectly in any space, from office to living room.


Customer Stories:

Zo, from US
“This is the perfect MagSafe device. The Apple MagSafe while neat is a bit useless as far as actual use of the device at night. I use my phone as a clock so I want it in a stand.
This allows me to have the iPhone floating and works great! The magnet is very strong and while I didn’t actually time the charge speed it seems to be pretty quick up to about 90%. The 2nd charger is great for my AirPods Pro but I would have preferred if there was an Apple Watch charger either instead or as well.
Either way an awesome accessory for a good price. Similar devices are over $100. You should get one if you’re into using your MagSafe phone.”

Tommy, from US
“Third MagSafe chargers I’ve purchased. This one beats the other two in value as it includes the actual charger. Only complain is the head doesn’t tilt so you’ll have to do with one position but that’s ok for what I use it for (desk companion).”

Sedrik, from Australia
“This charger is good for for the MagSafe iPhone 12 line and the AirPods or any qi charging headphones. iPhone will charger at the 7.5 speed if you want 15 watts you have to get the "official apple MagSafe charger. Comes with 30 watt charger and a usb c to usb c cable.”

Tim, from US
“It works perfectly. I have the 12 Pro Max with a Defender Series Pro XT with MagSafe OTTERBOX case and this magsafe charger stand holds and charges my phone perfectly.”

Matthew, from US
“Such a great 2 in 1 magnetic wireless charger with MagSafe for my iPhone 12 and AirPods Pro. Super sleek, with a very strong magnet, and very fast charging. As a bonus, it comes with a charging brick and cable. Great addition to my desk setup!”


CHOETECH 2 In 1 Magsafe Magnetic Wireless Charger Normal Question & Answer

Q1: Why this magnetic wireless charger can't charge my iPhone 12?

1. The wireless charging line of the mobile phone may not respond, we recommend that the mobile phone is restarted and charged;

2. There is a metal material on the back of the phone, it is recommended to recharge after checking;

3. Whether a non-magnetic mobile phone case or a magnetic mobile phone case is thick, we recommended to remove the case or use a magnetic mobile phone case for charging;

4. It is recommended to use PD/QC adapter.

Q2: Why is the magnetic attraction weak?

1. A non-iPhone12 series mobile phone is used, and the mobile phone is not used with a magnetic phone case;

2. The mobile phone uses a non-magnetic mobile phone case;

3. There is a tempered film or other thicker things on the back of the phone.

Q3: Why is this